Barry: The insignificant idiot

  • : Meet Barry. Say "Hi," Barry.
  • Barry: *waves* Hi everyone, how are you a--
  • : That's fine thanks, Barry.
  • Barry: But I wa--
  • : That's fine! Thank you, Barry.
  • : Barry is one of seven billion people in the world. How does that make him feel?
  • : Barry, how does that make you feel?
  • Barry: Insignificant.
  • : That's right, Barry. You're insignificant. And why are you insignificant?
  • Barry: *whispered* because I'm only a tiny piece of a huge puzzle.
  • : So we can all hear please, Barry.
  • : Barry, please, there is no need to yell.
  • Barry: *looks abashed* Sorry.
  • : Barry believes he is insignificant because he's a tiny piece in a huge puzzle, and also, because he's an idiot.
  • Barry: Wait, wha--
  • : A big idiot who thinks he's a small piece in a huge puzzle. You're an idiot Barry.
  • Barry: I don't think that's fair!
  • : It isn't fair, idiot Barry, but it is true.
  • Barry: *mumbled* I still don't think I'm an idiot. Just said I was small is all, stupid floating voice.
  • : Ha ha! Mumble away, my idiot friend, your time of ignorance nears its end.
  • : Barry suffers from this condition along with many other people, believing that being a minuscule part of a massive whole equals insignificance.
  • : What is the most important part of a computer, Barry?
  • Barry: Um ... the screen?
  • : Ha ha! You are indeed a king among idiots, Barry.
  • : The most important part of a computer is the processor, Barry. And a processor is made up of?
  • Barry: Ah, processes!
  • : I won't say you're completely wrong, Barry.
  • : Barry is completely wrong.
  • Barry: Hey!
  • : A processor is made up of many parts, but some of the smallest parts are transistors. They do nothing but be on or off, but with out them, the processor would be useless and so would the computer.
  • : Barry, do you think transistors think that they're insignificant because of how small they are compared to the processor and how small the processor is compared to the computer?
  • Barry: No, I think they feel pretty important.
  • : Obviously they don't feel at all, Barry, but you are correct that they are certainly not insignificant.
  • : So even though they do nothing but their one task, they do it well and it means they are integral.
  • : Do you think you can be a transistor of this world, Barry?
  • Barry: Yes! Yes, I think I can!
  • : Don't be silly, Barry. If I started passing electrical currents through you, you would die.
  • Barry: *mumbled* I thought you meant it as a metaphor, stupid floating voice.
  • : Oh, I did mean it as a metaphor, but I assumed an idiot like you would take it literally, Barry. It seems you are learning.
  • : Every person on the Earth is a small piece upon the macroprocessor that is the world. Not everybody can be a control unit, some people have to be transistors, but in order for there to be a working processor at all, every piece needs to be there.
  • Barry: Makes sense.
  • : Of course it makes sense, Barry, of course it does.
  • : Do you still feel insignificant now, Barry?
  • Barry: Not so much.
  • : That's good, Barry. For now you are a transistor, but maybe one day you can become a registry or a control unit. You just need to make sure you don't let your size in the scale of things stop you performing the duties you do best.
  • Barry: Yeah, yeah! One day I am going to be a screen!
  • : Barry ... never mind. You can leave now.
  • Barry: *waves* Bye all. *mumbled* Whose voice was that? *walks away*
  • : Even Barry the idiot can see that it's not all doom and gloom.
  • Barry: *from afar* Hey!
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