… go marching

We did not start this war
We did not want this war
Before this call to arms
We wanted no harm to befall them
We would still stall them
If we could
Should they seek to eek out peace
We would cease preparation and listen
But blood that glistens
Christening a fresh battlefield
Is all that awaits should they not yield
For we will wield the force
Of an invaded nation

Our sanctity has been broken
They entered our homes!
Our domes of domestic retreat
They stole the food we eat
Stole the drinks from the seats of our waiting palms
Idly they marched in
Armed to tarnish our safety
Knowing well the gravity
Of such a motion
The ants
Violated the distance we kept peaceful for so long
And now, right or wrong
We go to war
We will be strong

One by one
Two by two
Many or few they will come
Into our sanctum
But we will not let their numbers strum fear in our hearts
We will be steadfast
Outlast their vast charges
Into our honey traps they will collapse
Under the flaps of our swatters
They will totter and tumble
Crumbling under the spray of droplet bullets
Some of us may wince under the sting of their pincers
But know that you fell for a greater a cause
To force the ants
From the homes of man

We did not start this war
We did not want this war
But they tore through our doors
And sullied our food before one more bite
On this night a war began
Ant versus man

Brothers, sisters


"Ants go marching" piano arrangement and performance by Luke Dingle.

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