New Master of Cocky

I’m cocky
I’m the master of such
I’m the veritable
Hero of every clutch
The ladies all adore me
The men bow down before me
Nobody can ignore me
In fact they underscore me
I deplore you
You bore me
I implore you
To explore me
I am the hardcore guarantor
And I know you want some more of me

I’m ten foot tall
I’m god-damned bulletproof
I’m not amicable
I’m enviable
I’m far better than you 
Where you I can’t ameliorate
My presence near obliterates
All chance you have to instigate
To propagate and stimulate
I titillate, intimidate
To indicate and illustrate
You picked up where I’m going yet
Or do you need me to reiterate?

I’m ripped
I’m broad in the shoulders
I’m loveable
I juggle fucking boulders
I live in acclamation
Never heard of deprivation
I am every sweet sensation
I cause your ovulation
I’m your elation
Your frustration
Every word’s a proclamation
RIght about now
I’m ready for your ovation

I’m cocky
But I’m allowed to be
No one comes close to me

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