We are

We are your vowels
We are your consonants
We are the glyphs you punctuate with and we are your alphabet
We are your grammatical errors
We are your regional language variants
We are your squiggly red line under misspelled words and uncommon proper nouns
We are bold
We are italic
We are striking through the text set in outdated stone
We wrote your love notes
We penned your hate mail
We sell you cheap viagra and we are the Nigerian Prince
We are your rhyming scheme
We are your free verse
We are your haiku, tanka, sonnet, ballad, ode, pantoum, epic and limerick
We spilled ink on your lapel
We spilled coffee on your keyboard
We are the scribbles in your notepad and the glitches in your computer
We liked your last piece
We ignored your last piece
We follow you, you follow us and we all walk in circles

We will take over your dashboard
We will take over your blog
We will take over your followers, your followees and your Tumblr

We move slowly
We build speed
We flow with celestial inertia that cannot be diverted
We are a rock revolving around a Tumbling sun
We are one million children rolled into one tag, one goal, one movement

We are Occupy#poetry and we will be featured

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