Illicit panacea (Original song by Rakuli)

Well I’ve played around
Toyed with sound
Chatted to the voices inside my head
They steered me wrong
Steered me right
The trick is keeping sanity within my sight

Now I was left with a concussion
Rushing in from that discussion
Too busy being dizzy I could not easily refuse
The voices their obsession
Suggesting I ingest
Illicit drugs when I requested something take away the blues

So I had a few amphetamines
But I stayed    away from ketamine
Smoked a little green and took a drop of LSD
Deranged from taking ecstasy
Hugging the strangers next to me
I stayed away from ice because I’ve seen it drive some crazy

I acted like a cock insane
From smoking rock, snorting cocaine
Then numbed my shame with a lace of pcp
I’ve never been near methadone
I left the heroin alone
I couldn’t guarantee a simple fix from DMT

There I was a-swirling
Drugs curling and whirling, twirling the
Congestion of suggestions riding high inside my mind
With substances I tried to fly
Inside the sky
But ended burning with a yearning for a high I’ll never find

Often when I’m hurting
Subverting my flirting mind from skirting round
The edge of a regression into sad and lonely life
Internal conversations
Promising elation
Tempt me with sensations, creations of chemical highs

As I am getting older
My resolve is getting bolder
There seems to be more colour in this unencumbered view
I’m loving freely
Now without uncertainty
Of asking if all beauty’s from the drugs of if it’s true

When I stopped to analyse
The substances that tantalised
I realised soon the problem was in me; the drugs were fine
To want to escape is human
And it seems there are a great too few man
Who get through their life on a ride from the high of deep breaths and sunshine

Life is a journey
To learn and leave a legacy
Or something in this nothingness in which we walk around
I briefly lost my sanity
Humanity’s vanity
Shot me into the sky but now my identity’s down on solid ground


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telescopical,you’d be brilliant at something like that.

Each night as I drift to dream
Part of me, rarely seen
Sits to wait
Sits awake
To cradle and hold the golden part of me
Able to shoulder the bold uncertainty
Of your heart given freely
To me

Each night as I toss and turn
Lost to burning twilight concern
This gift you gave will not break
Will not be shaken
Or taken by midnight fancy
No mistaken chances or flights
As in daylight
My heart beats to guard yours
Through the night